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Sunday 26 May 2013

Welcome to the Official Opening of 'The Enchanted Garden' 2013 - 'It is that Dream' - 'C'est le rêve'

Art Sanctuary’s ‘Enchanted Garden’

Opens its gates for the 3rd season on June 28th 2013


Theme ‘It is That Dream’ (‘C’est le rêve’)

This year’s exhibition invites the visitor on a poetic journey: An avenue of cherries and poems, secret rooms, babbling brooks, trees that talk, and ponds that whisper…

This large and natural garden, situated just near the ‘border’ between the French and the Flemish part of Belgium, hosts a most special International art exhibition; Art Inspired by, and in Dialogue With, Nature.

Twenty two artists from Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, and Norway, are represented with works in glass, stone, metal, wood, and clay, land art, textiles, photos, sound installations and music, and of course, poetry.

To mention a few of the aspects of the exhibition:
The theme for 2013 ‘C’est le rêve’ / ’It is That Dream’- a poem by the much loved Norwegian poet Olav H. Hauge, already translated into a multitude of languages, – is manifested in ‘kakemonos’ (Drawings on large rollable textiles in Japan) with poems and images created by the French artist François Monnet, made possible by the Museum centre of Hordaland, and Hordaland County, Norway.

Danish composer Nicky Bendix’ created music especially for this exhibition. It adds a dimension truly enchanting, –experienced through sound installations in different parts of the exhibition. He has collaborated with both François Monnet (F) and Tone Aanderaa (B and N).

The main work of Tone Aanderaa (B and N) this year is the "Forest Temple" interior, with tapestries made in collaboration with ‘Flanders Tapestries’.

There is also a special focus on glass art in this year’s exhibition; four artists working with glass in all different styles and techniques are represented: Maria Bemelmans (NL), Jan Leenknegt (B), Anne Notebaert (B), and Veerle De Ridder (B).

Working with stone are Guy Deltour (B), Fabrice Bellery (B), and Luk Luts (B), with metal Romeo Sr. Vangoethemd (B), Giovanni Gelmi (B and I), and Norwegian Johild Mæland. Gisèle DeRop (B) works in ceramique, and Roland Menten (B) composite.

Laura Frennet (F and B) and Jean de la Kethulle (B) are both artists whose aim it is to open the eye and heart to the land and the landscape, symbolically and quite literally.

And finally, Walter Bailey, British sculptor, takes ‘centre stage’ this year, with his magnificent ‘Woman and Cosmos’ in the centre of the new Labyrinth.

‘The Enchanted Garden – C’est le rêve is open from Friday June 28th till Sunday August 4th, 2013


Info en Français
L'Art qui combine avec la nature, la poésie et la musique

 L'exposition de cette année invite le visiteur à un voyage poétique: une avenue de cerises et de poèmes, des lieux secrets, de petits ruisseaux chantants, des arbres qui parlent et des étangs qui murmurent ...

Ce grand jardin naturel, situé juste à côté de la ‘frontière’ entre la partie francophone et la partie flamande de la Belgique, accueille une exposition d'art international, inspirée par la nature et en dialogue avec elle.

Une vingtaine d’artistes de Belgique, de Danemark, de France, de Grande-Bretagne, des Pays-Bas et de Norvège, sont représentés par des œuvres en verre, en pierre, en métal, en bois, en argile, on y côtoie le «land art», les textiles, les photos, des installations sonores, de la musique, et bien sûr, de la poésie.


Info in het Nederlands
Kunst gecombineerd met natuur, poesie en muziek

 De tentoonstelling nodigt de bezoeker uit om een poëtische reis te ondernemen: Een laan met kersenbomen en gedichten, geheime kamers, kabbelende beken, sprekende bomen, fluisterende vijvers, …

Deze grote en natuurlijke tuin, op de grens van Vlaanderen en Wallonië, huisvest een speciale internationale kunsttentoonstelling; Kunst geïnspireerd en in dialoog met de Natuur.

Tweeëntwintig kunstenaars uit België, Denemarken, Frankrijk, Groot-Bretagne, Italië, Nederland en Noorwegen tonen hun kunstwerken in glas, steen, metaal, hout en keramiek. Ze tonen ook ‘land art’, textiel, foto’s, muziek installaties en natuurlijk ook poëzie.


Michel Vranckx
'The Eye of Chicara' - Jean de la Kethulle
'Near and Far' -  Maria Bemelmans
'Nests' - Tinou Wiard
'Mandala' - Laura Frennet
'Inspired' - Veerle De Ridder
'Meeting place' - Tone Aanderaa
Gisèle DeRop
'Fleur d'escargot' (in the distance) Roland Menten
Michel Vranckx
'Woman and Cosmos' - Walter Bailey
'Web of Thoughts' - Tone Aanderaa
We thank our sponsors:


Francois Monnet; 'C'est le rêve' - !

'Et parfois il semblait que quelque chose que nous n'avions jamais vu mais longtemps désiré allait arriver, qu'un voile allait se déchirer...' (Hermann Hesse)

Art Sanctuary is very proud to announce the arrival of French artist Francois Monnet, with a most special collection of 'kakemonos'; a large series of textiles inspired by Norwegian poet Olav H. Hauge
- the creator of the Theme Poem for this 'Enchanted Garden' exhibition - 2013
'Det er den draumen' - 'It is That Dream' - 'C'est le rêve'
Francois Monnet is a most multifaceted artist,
primarily working in photography and theatre/performance.
Having spent many years in Norway, Francois Monnet has translated and published,
as well as performed with, many of Olav H. Hauge's poems,
including the Centennial theatre performance honoring Olav H. Hauge (2008).
Francois Monnet's 'kakemonos' series is
a Norwegian /French collaboration
between Museum of Normandie and Museumssenteret i Hordaland
- Released for exhibition
in 'The Enchanted Garden' of Art Sanctuary, 2013
Sponsored by

The Enchanted Garden includes also a whole new Art Sanctuary collaboration;
between Francois Monnet (recitals of poems) and Nicky Bendix (music)
A little example:
 - and another:

SOUS L'À-PIC’ – collaboration Francois Monnet & Nicky Bendix
Poésie et musique:  

Also, please visit Francois Monnet's website

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Welcoming Walter Bailey - reverence, gratitude, the miraculous

Walter Bailey (United Kingdom)

reverence, gratitude, the miraculous

'Woman and Cosmos'

(Click on image to enlarge)

When I first encountered Walter Bailey's sculptures, I was nothing less than astonished;

This was ancient... giants...gods and goddesses were playing...
The complexity of the 'lacing' of the wood was one (incredible) aspect - but then also, the way the grain of the wood appeared... as I have only seen it in the ancient, 'burned by time', almost fossilized, wood structures - more than a thousand years old - (wooden) 'stave churches' of my homeland, Norway. And then, of course - I realized - Walter Bailey, in England; he is a 'Celtic spirit'. (There certainly is a relationship between these old, old wooden structures and Walter Bailey's)
Since then, I have learned that some amazing writers have written some beautiful things about Walter's work;
The poetry and authenticity in Bailey’s work might in part be described in Robert Lowell’s definition of true poetry: a ‘commanding, deadly effectiveness in the arrangement, and something that breathes and pauses and grunts and is rough and unpredictable to assure me the journey is honest.’[1] The making of the works requires immense strength, skill and judgement; they represent Bailey’s humility towards the human scale in relation to the mythic; and also his awareness of the continuous transformational or ‘alchemical exchange’between the human and the non-human. It is this sense of balance, also in the work’s relationship to present and past, and in the artist’s commitment to being open-hearted in the face of vulnerability, that gives Bailey’s sculpture its strength, and which gives the viewer an experience of liberation.’ (© Kay Syrad)
Walter Bailey is based in Mid Sussex, UK, and works both nationally and internationally. He works in wood and ice, carving directly with a chainsaw.
“The woodland is my studio; I work there throughout the year drawing nourishment and inspiration from the rhythm of the seasons, the changing landscape".
He has received numerous public and private commissions: Just to mention a few: A Flame for Dunblane; Holy Florian in Styria in Austria; Oak Figure in Broadwater Park, Godalming, and Surrey.
His exhibiting in Kew Gardens and the Chelsea Show should also be mentioned.
And, he shows his work regularly at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden.
Walter Bailey won the International Enku Award for Universal Truth, beauty and goodness in Sculpture, in Japan.
“One of the remarkable features of Bailey’s work is its ability to hold or contain transformatory human experience. A number of works are concerned with journeying over different stages in one’s life, from trauma towards healing.” (© Kay Syrad)
To read more of Kay Syrad’s beautiful presentation of Walter Bailey’s art:


Monday 6 May 2013

Art Sanctuary Welcomes back Nicky Bendix; A truly Inspirational Collaborator!

Nicky Bendix (DK) ,  award winning musician and composer from Denmark, has already been very successful in ‘The Enchanted Garden’  - his live concerts and 2 Art Sanctuary Special Edition CD’s – played as sound installations, have received much acclaim by our visitors.
Nicky Bendix specializes in crossover art that combines sound and music with words, sculptures, paintings and many other medias. This year he returns with a whole new project:
'Nord Profond' - the album
in collaboration with French artist, Francois Monnet, also exhibiting at Art Sanctuary with his very special collection of 'kakemonos' and photos (See introduction of Francois Monnet).
 'Nord Profond' - the album: (parts of which will be experienced as a sound installation during the exhibition) - of which 'C'est le rêve' , by Olav H. Hauge is the poem which has inspired the Theme of 'The Enchanted Garden', 2011 - 2013.

A meeting between French actor and artist Francois Monnet and Danish composer Nicky Bendix, resulted in the creation of a spoken word album, based on the French translation of the poems of legendary Norwegian poet Olav Hauge. Francois Monnet lived for ten years in Norway and has published the book ”Nord Profond” in France - a collection of poems by Olav Hauge translated into French.
Meeting in Nicky Bendix's studio in Denmark, the two artists layed the foundation for the CD and recorded Francois Monnet reciting the poems. Nicky Bendix has since been sculpting the music and sounds around the poems, creating a contemporary soundscape with a classical touch, mixed with sounds from the Scandinavian nature and electronic instruments.

An extra feature is guest artist Miriam Monnet Kielberg, violinist, composer and daughter of Francois Monnet. Miriam studies folk music at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Odense, Denmark. She contributes to the album with one of her original compositions, her singing and her virtuos violin playing.

At Art Sanctuary 2013 a selection of Olav Hauge poems from this collaboration will be presented, in connection with some of Francois Monnets other artworks.

But also:
Nicky Bendix is contributing music for 'Forest Temple', an installation by Tone Aanderaa;

- "FOREST TEMPLE" - music installation.
Recorded and composed for the international outdoor exhibition Art Sanctuary, opening june 28th in Jodoigne, Belgium.  Music to be played inside a small forest temple, decorated with the works of norwegian painter Tone Aanderaa. A place to connect with the Spiritual forces of nature and your own, immortal self.

See further info arriving.

Please visit Nicky Bendix' website.