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Saturday 26 May 2007

Art Sanctuary Info group

The Art Sanctuary is sheduled to open soon - to receive invitation please join our new 'Art Sanctuary Info' group!

Tuesday 22 May 2007

Products from The Art Sanctuary

"Plug and Play" teleporter BoxThe box contains 6 fully automatic "plug-and-play" teleports. No configuration is needed, except the introduction of the room name in the teleport description field. No noteacard to be updated, no script to be adapted. No position to be introduced, the teleport system takes care of it.

The' SmartFrame'
The "Basic Model" has the following features:

  • Put your own paintings/photos/pictures in the frame.
  • Select formats/sizes for the pictures and frames you wish to show
  • You can select the pictures corresponding with your "Mood", your emotions - your feelings. An easy, simplified user-interface helps you to select the corresponding framed pictures;
  • You can select the frame corresponding with your room decoration. Small, large - any size.Also the frame can be removed...
  • An automatic scrolling function allows to change the pictures/paintings in the sequence you want. The visualisation time can be selected, e.g. each day, or each 10 seconds.
  • You can add or remove pictures/paintings;
  • You can of course also add or remove frames;
  • Each picture/painting can have its own notecard;
  • A non-painting/picture specific notecard can be introduced with, e.g., general info about a painter/photographer and other;
  • A full user manual is included with screenprints and examples.

    The "basic model" can be extended with
  • "Exhibtion Management" features (they are add-ons are sold separately):
  • A welcome function, with a welcome whisper and gift, a visitor list; a function to print-out the list;
  • A scenario execution module: you can define a scenario. It iexecutes all the available features. The scenario can use a limited set of SL script function. The scenario can be executed once or repeated;
  • A painting vendor allows to sell a painting/picture and a frame in the dimensions specified by your visitor;
  • A "SmartFrame" vendor allows to sell a "SmartFrame";

'Mood Dynamic Fresco'

    - Sets of Raspirit Heron paintings focused on themes and/or storylines. They include also all the parameters needed to show a set.
    - You can select the painting corresponding with your "Mood", your emotions your feelings. An easy, simplified user-interface helps you to select the corresponding painting;
    - It is a dynamic way to change your wall decoration. You can resize the painting to fill in the best way your wall or small enough to put it on a desk or table;
    * See for further details: IM direct: WieBenIk Beaumont or Raspirit Heron

May - Castle of Golden Apples and Frog Castle

Raspirit Heron follows up the construction

April: Art Sanctuary - high in the sky!

Castle of Golden Apples being created 3D

WieBenIk Beaumont, SL content-creator and scripter at work

It started in a sky box - and within a couple of weeks evolved into a vision claiming a bit more than that....

2nd Dream - in 2nd Life

The exhibition at Muse Isle has been extended 'indefinitely' - paintings on exhibit in the Main Gallery, as well as along the beautiful Art Walk, where also the trees can be see, changing colours at a touch - and a sweet miniature castle has also been added:)!

Opening and Happy Birthday Muse Isle!

Mood Dynamic Fresco - 'a living fresco'

WieBenIk created a fantastic 'display' format for a series of my paintings; It also functions as a 'dynamic 'fresco' - being easily changed to a large format to fill a wall - it changes the painting when you want it to. And there are 32 in all to choose from.

WieBenIk's 3D trees

WieBenIk's wonderful 3D Apple Trees were introduced at the Muse Isle exhibition; 'planted' throughout the isle, and changing colours as they are touched, my painted tree is now truly magical!

Thursday 10 May 2007

April - Muse Isle

It was a woman named Alishia, dressed up as a dragon (they do these 'weird' things in SL;)), who made the aquaintance with a certain JenzZa Misfit - enthusiastic owner of Muse Isle and music lover - and with a perfect gallery, seemingly just waiting for Raspirit's paintings:))

Being as 'traditional' as JenzZa actually is, in terms of exhibiting 'paintings' in SL - it happened to make a very nice transition for Raspirit...still having some sort of 'reality' to relate to:) - while impressions are pouring in, and ideas are brewing.

Wednesday 9 May 2007

Still March - SL Debut exhibition at Hardangerfjord

Rain and Kameroon; (and KamRain Bay Reside):

what a wonderful welcome you gave me!

Thank you!

And then there was this incredible person - with all kinds of abilities;

WieBenIk Beaumont - who actually was the one who made it possible; getting the RL paintings in and scripted.

March 2007 - First Exhibition - and 2 Dreamers meet

During one of my flights I suddenly came upon a place called Hardangerfjord - Tone's homeland-fjord in RL...! - Could it be...?
I descended into a nice little town - not quite like RL... but very likeable - had a great stage area, overseeing the water, which made me think of a friend's music - and it had a feel I liked.... and it had a great 'hot water springs' (in an otherwise chilly/snowy landscape); And while pondering what to do next, Forest Blackthrorne turns up, and naturally we strike up a conversation. he refers me to the owner, Rain Coalcliff - and 'suddenly a hilltop appears' (only SL!:)!) - and I am off to my very first SL exhibition-bringing RL imagery into SL.
But how in the world am I to do this?:))
I need to learn to make paintings in RL come into
I guess I'll never really know how I came to meet WieBenIk Beaumont -
it 'just happened'.
I landed in a sandbox one day - on my usual non-verbal search
(wasn't at all interested in chat or meeting 'people' - all I could think of was how to get my paintings into this exciting place -)
Somehow we got talking - about putting painting 'textures' onto 'objects' - and the rest is 'history', as they say;
As it turned out WieBenIk could supply all the technical know-how I needed for just this kind of an exhibition, and was also more than accomodating in showing me around the 'editing facilities' - to enable me to get going with exactly what I wanted to do; make an SL exhibition of my RL 'introduce ' them.
So - I couldn't have been luckier - meeting Rain, her friends and husband, and then WieBenIk;

February 2007- Second Life - de-ja-vu

One day, while working on another Ra-painting, my favorite radio station (Norwegian P2 - mostly good quality cultural and artistic material) had a story about something called 'Second Life' - I can't remember what exactly triggered the interest, but something certainly did... I immediately started a search; and same day entered SL; as - yes:
Raspirit Heron.
- Oh, I've had feelings of 'de-ja-vu', but never like this one;
And thus:)) started my one month long exploration - ----
For a one-time-potential-animator-choosing-fine art painting - It was like entering 'visual heaven'!
And every day I wondered what in the world my book ('Det store puslespillet', published 2004) was REALLY about? Tp'ing...? Flying? Visiting places, any time, anywhere...?
I travelled distances...dropping in and out - seeing what people of fantastic artistic qualities had created - It was all here!
And I knew I had to find a way to make my artwork live SL.

Raspirit pre-SL


In the early summer of -06 RL Tone was given a little crow girl to care for; It was during one of three heavy rain storms that otherwise unusually sunny and warm summer, and the little crow had evidently fallen from a nest high up underneath a cliff - down onto a road with heavy traffic. Her foot was badly damaged, but otherwise she seemed ok. After searching for the nest for several stormy days, unsuccessfully, Tone accepted her 'Crow mama' status, started building an aviary at the edge of the forest surrounding her garden; And for the next few weeks the crow healed, and quite rapidly began to participate in Tone's daily gardening activities, picking weeds but mostly rose petals - and picking baby trees was a favorite - but the pond being the most exciting attraction; to bathe in and as a mirror to watch all the creatures of the skies. And every time she wanted to tell Tone something, she called out 'Ra! Ra!' and aimed at a shoulder, a hand, or preferably the head.

Thus:) - she received the name Ra.

And as it turned out to be the sunniest summer in living memory in the fjord of Hardanger (Norway), the name seemed even more fitting (Ra, the sun god).

Every morning Ra greeted Tone with flapping wings and excited cries, and every evening she would insist on sitting close to Tone's ear and tell her about everything that had happened on yet another adventurous day; Herons flew by at dawn, all the birds of the forest danced for her on the first sun beams breaking through, seagulls scouted throughout the day, cats came and went, and at dusk the forest pidgeon's wings would signal dark's arrival - and then the herons would return.

But the night is filled with danger, and so is early dawn - one morning a hawk was scouting nearby. Soon thereafter the local crow family started to visit the garden more and more frequently - making an obvious approach towards Ra; taking her on flights, keeping her away for hours at a time - yet always returning with her at dusk, guarding her flight back to her aviary home in the garden.

And always Tone would be waiting for her; Receiving the amazing communion of a wild being choosing to spend these moments together with her.

The time spent in the garden gradually started to change; instead of picking weeds and rose petals, Ra started picking at Tone's heals - as if to say: 'Come fly with me!' And when Tone explained that 'I have no wings..!' - Ra still insisted, and grabbed her hair: 'Come!' Fly!' And then she would fly all around her, teasing and 'attacking' her - before she finally gave up, and would take off to spend the day with the other crows.

And return when the herons did.

One morning Tone found a headless dead bird on her doorstep, later that same day she found a skull in the a field -

And then, that evening, Ra never did return....and not the next....nor the next....

Every day she searched, and every day Tone found new feathers - making a trail for her to walk with her grief and wonder:

Did she fly with the crows?

Did the hawk find her?

Did she live and thrive?

Or did Ra perish and die?

Tone will perhaps never know -

but she was granted a bird's heart

and the magic of a bird's breath

(Birds do breathe differently - if you didn't know....Breathe on a feather, and you will see

- when you breathe out, the feather rises..)

Far away, on the other side of the planet, there's a woman called Mary; a real medicine woman, a healer and a Raven. When it was time, Tone gathered the feathers Ra gave me as gifts, found the ones she wanted to carry closest to her heart, and thus 'Raspirit' was born.

Raspirit travelled in the form of these feathers half way across the planet - to Mary; who made a beautiful pouch to safeguard them and to safeguard this precious spirit - and back again.

And in the meantime Raspirit turned a heart into one of renewed longing - to fly high!

Thus:) - Raspirit Heron

Several moths later- on on of her daily walks, Tone suddenly found a little baby pine tree - all intact with roots and all - 'thrown' in front of her on the road....?

Friday 4 May 2007

A Liminal Existence

"When the soul wishes to experience something she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.(Meister Eckhart)