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Friday, Saturday and Sunday 13:00 - 20:00 - WELCOME TO THE NEW SEASON - BIENVENUE - WELKOM!

Tuesday 20 December 2016

End of the year greetings!

The garden is sleeping….
-          And we are preparing for next Summer,
When the ‘Enchanted Garden’ awakens again J
And so we send you Best Wishes for your End-of-the-year-seasons celebration –
Christmas, Noël, Kerstfeest, Jul, Winter solstice, Hannukah, whatever you celebrate -
-           May it be good and peaceful –
-          and your New Year filled with Inspiration and Joie de Vivre!
Very Best greetings from Tone and Ignace

Sunday 11 December 2016

Thank you for proposals!

We want to thank all who have sent proposals!
We have received some wonderful and very interesting proposals for art works to be exhibited in 'The Enchanted Garden'
- for 2017...and 2018...?!

Our Theme and the combination of material and expressions will decide what finally happens for the next 'Enchanted Garden' exhibition.

Update coming soon!

Sunday 4 December 2016

Now Preparing next year's 'Enchanted Garden'!

I say no more... But, walking through the garden, I am certainly feeling Excited!

Monday 17 October 2016

Yes, we do accept inquiries and/or proposals !

We are now receiving more and more inquiries from artists to be part of  'The Enchanted Garden' - which of course is Wonderful - and Welcome!
'The Enchanted Garden' is an Annual International Exhibition,
by Invitation
But yes, we do accept inquiries and proposals. And we are always interested in encountering new artists!
If you wish to inquire as artist, or suggest an artist, please contact us at
(Please keep in mind, all works must be suitable for outdoor exposure - at least during Summertime:) - 'No frost' must be specified).
We take all proposals and inquiries into consideration when we plan for the future 'Enchanted Garden' exhibitions - next year..and the next... with enthusiasm!

Thursday 29 September 2016

'The Enchanted Garden' thanks all the artists and all the visitors!

And so another season over....'The Enchanted Garden' thanks all the artists and all the visitors for a most Amazing time!

1.      Serge Bastin (B) – wood/hout/bois
2.      Fabrice Bellery (B) – blue stone/pierre bleue
3.      Pierre Bertrand (B)- laiton battu
4.      Marie Biesmans (B) – glass
5.      Lebuïn d’Haese (B) – bronze/ceramic
6.      Jean de la Kethulle (B) – land art/installation
7.      Friedy Evers Duijsters (NL) – bronze
8.      Laura Frennet (B/F) – sculpture/land art
9.      Marcel Haccuria (B) – glass
10.  Marc Henrotin (B) – metal/concrete
11.  Barbara Hills (UK) – sound installation/music
12.  Lieve Bluefinger Jacob (B) textiles
13.  Toni Kanwa (Indonesia) – wood/hout/bois
14.  Loes Knoben van Herwaarden(NL) - bronze
15.  Luc Leroy (B) – mobiles
16.  Tina Lintveit (NL) - bronze
17.  Luk Luts (B) – stone/steen/pierre
18.  Roos Mannaerts (NL) – bronze/ceramic/
19.  Roland Menten (B) – composite
20.  Trijnie Mohlmann (NL) - glass
21.  Marianne Ouwendijk (NL)- ceramic
22.  Else Ringnalda  (NL) - bronze
23.  Ingrid Siliakus (NL) – paper architecture
24.  Will Schropp (NL) – wood/hout/bois
25.  Irene van der Does de Bye  (NL) - glass
26.  Romeo Sr. Vangoethemd (B) – metal
27.  Jan Verschueren (B) - metal
28.  Michel Vranckx (B) - ceramique
29.  Tone Aanderaa (N/B) – painting/peinture
30.  Axel (B) – graffiti
Also represented in the garden:
1. Walter Bailey (UK) - wood/bois/hout
2. Guy Deltour (B)  - pierre bleue/steen/stone
3. Walter Bailey (UK) - wood/bois/hout
4. Philippe Nicodéme (B)- pierre bleue

Monday 19 September 2016

Only one more week...! The Best Ever 'Enchanted Garden'!

With ONLY ONE MORE WEEK to go, honestly I can only say this one could go on...and on....and I wonder where did all these weeks go...?
Into the 'Most Special Memories-box' I guess. And of course the weather doesn't hurt - and we have more good weather coming! - So, WELCOME - BIENVENUE - WELKOM to 'The Enchanted Garden'!

Thursday 1 September 2016

Glimpses from this year's 'Enchanted Garden' exhibition - 2016!


Friday 22 July 2016

Thursday 26 May 2016

WELCOME - BIENVENUE - WELKOM! 26/8 - 25/9, 2016

Art Inspired by, and in Dialogue with, Nature
The Enchanted Garden will again open its’ gates and invite the visitor on a journey of mysteries and wonders, transformations and metamorphosis. Wander through an avenue of cherry trees and winding trails, and find deep ponds and secret forest rooms, chapels and a labyrinth, and listen, see, and hear…
This large and natural garden, situated just near the ‘border’ between the French and the Flemish part of Belgium, hosts a most special International art exhibition: It is eclectic, with a multitude of expressions in spirit and form; amazing and beautiful, fun and burlesque, poetic, thoughtful, meditative...
That is:  Art Inspired by, and in Dialogue With, Nature.
Thirty-one artists from Belgium, France, Indonesia, Netherlands, Norway, and United Kingdom, are represented with works in glass, stone, metal, wood, textiles, and ceramics, land art and street art, sound installations and music.
To mention a few of the aspects of the exhibition: This year Art Sanctuary Welcomes many NEW artists:
ü  Beautifully haunting ‘Nature Spirits’ appear in the dappled light of the forest; the works of Toni Kanwa (Indonesia) in wood in both macro and micro is simply astounding!
ü  ‘Street art’ in a garden? ‘Land art’ combined with Graffiti? This is what landscape architect Jean de la Kethulle (B) in collaboration with graffiti artist Axel have done. The ‘InTERREaction’ installation has undergone a most unexpected metamorphosis to a butterfly!
ü  Friedy Evers Duijsters (NL), Tina Lintvelt (NL),  Loes Knoben van Herwaarden(NL), Else Ringnalda (NL), and artists and poet Lebuïn d’Haese (B)  show an amazing range of new bronze works !
 ü Glass has also this year a special focus: Four artists work with glass in all different styles and techniques; Trijnie Mohlmann (NL),  Irene van der Does de Bye (NL), join returning Marcel Haccuria (B), and Marie Biesmans (B).
ü  Jan Verschueren’s ‘Schrootbeelden’ (B) are fantastic, humorous, and sort of sad…truly human. 
ü  Humor is also a key word in the works of ceramicist Marianne Ouwendijk (NL) and Marc Henrotin (B), who works shows works in metal and beton.

 ü We are also very proud to present new sculptures in stone by Pierre Bertrand (B), and Lieve (Bluefingers) Jacob (B) with beautiful textiles. And Serge Bastin (B)is represented with land art/installation. 
ü  Finally, on a special note; the music of award winning composer Barbara Hills (UK), adds a very special dimension, experienced as sound installations in different parts of the garden/exhibition.

We are also very happy to welcome returning artists:
ü  Often inspired by classical art, Roos Mannaerts’ (NL); her sculptures have found many admirers among our visitors. We are very pleased to announce her return to the garden!
ü  Michel Vranckx (B); Satirical, humorous, his ceramic are always very touching and a favourite.
ü  Metal sculptor Romeo Sr. Vangoethemd (B) has always an unexpected ‘creature’ to add to the garden.
As does Roland Menten (B) who works in composite.
ü  We are happy to welcome back from Norway: Anne Hesvik, who is a true master of old decorative painting.
ü  And we are very curious when the amazing paper architecture of Ingrid Siliakus (NL) is transformed into a lamp!
ü  And we are anticipating Luk Luts (B), and sculptor/musician Fabrice Bellery (B), who will both return with their new works in blue stone!
ü  Will Schropp (NL), returns also this year, with his beautiful sculptures in wood.
ü  As will playful hanging mobiles by Luc Leroy (B).
ü  And Laura Frennet (B/F)’s special fondness for trees will this year be manifested in a very special group of ‘tree people’!
ü  Tone Aanderaa (N/B), who is also the organiser and curator of the exhibition, shows her new paintings.